Ballpark Travel was started by L.E. Lawton because it took a good deal of effort to organize what should be a simple excursion to relax and see a lot of great baseball. Why couldn't all the information you need be in one place? As someone who loves baseball, L.E. has been to more than 25 ballparks (and will go to the rest within the next year), travelled throughout the country, and writes about baseball (a book on the teams. relationships with baseball fans is in the works). Contacts and friends have provided information about ballparks, too, so that there is a first-hand experience underlying each baseball trip. The service provided here emphasizes travel - that is, where to stay, what to do while in the area, tips about parking, purchasing seats, etc.

So go ahead, find which places you want to stay at, other things to do while you're in town, buy a book about the team and its marquee players. Baseball is good for what ails ya. And be one of our reviewing road trippers. In addition to providing information about travel deals, we'll hold periodic contests for stories, pictures, so join our email list to stay informed.

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