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Cooperstown - Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown Hall 
of Fame
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Visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame

It's amazing how much there is to do in Cooperstown. The Baseball Hall of Fame is a half-day venture. If you want to sit in the library and investigate some research topic of your choice, or to find a vintage photo for which you can order a print copy, you could spend many hours on this activity alone. The stores are a lot of fun for collectors and souvenir-hunters. There are baseball games during the summer months (warning: Cooperstown activities dramatically decline just before Labor Day, so that weekend is actually not one of the better weekends to go, unless it's the tail-end of your trip). In addition to the baseball attractions, there are a variety of cultural and recreational activities for the entire family.

Travel to Cooperstown is best by private car. It's an easy drive from New England or New York, located west of Albany between Interstate I88 from I87 (from Atlantic States) and I90 (from New England). If you feel adventurous, when coming up from New York, take State Route 28A off of I87 and enjoy the more rustic scenic route through Catskill Park.