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Oakland Athletics

McAfee Coliseum
Photo © Photo by Minesweeper.

Road Trip to Oakland Coliseum

Officially known as McAfee Coliseum (since no one knew that Network Associates produces the McAfee anti-virus software), it gets critized by local press and it used to fall in the middle of team ratings. But now with more new parks, and with the Lew Wolff management doing a number of things to make the ballpark less pleasant, it's now fallen to a level of the criticism that used to be undeserved. I mean, it's a multipurpose stadium and one can feel a bit removed from the field, and it's not Fenway, but then again, thank goodness it's not Fenway. Still, the Coliseum is easy to get to by car or BART, they have a wide range of microbrew beers on tap, the WestSide Bar, and restaurant can be a good option particularly on a very cold evening. There's plenty of vegetarian food. People are knowledgeable about baseball. You can generally move to other seats, but they've closed off the third level upper deck ('view' level) which will hurt families and lower income people, but I guess they don't care. There is an 'all you can eat' section on the third deck for 2008. It'll be interesting to see how that changes the norms of fan behavior regardingseating.
In 2005 they didn't allow fans in to watch the A's batting practice. In 2004 they ended in-out privileges, and raised the prices of everything by a lot. They rarely have a live performance for the national anthen, and they demoted the mascot, Stomper who used to really boogie but now he just waddles. I could go on about the degradation. That said, the A's are a great team. Come see the home of money ball and have a fun time. If you sit in the left-field bleachers, you can bring drums, or just watch the drummers. Outfield Plaza seats are not worth your while, and you might as well sit in bleachers where you can catch a homerun ball (if you don't mind drums) Better to get Field Level and Field Level outfield. Plaza level infield seats are padded and it makes a difference! Or just buy the cheapest seats possible and move in (but not where ushers patrol). For the second deck, you want to have seats that are in row 6 to 12 in order to avoid having foot traffic and the railing block your view. Both right and left fields, in rows 10+ (2nd deck), will usually be in the shade in sunny days.

  • Official Regular Season Schedule
  • Ballpark Ticket Office: (510) 638-4627. Main Number: (510) 638-4900
  • Official ticket information
  • Location: 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA 94621
  • Ballpark Directions
    Many park in the BART station but when there's a big crowd it can take awhile to get across the footbridge to get out of the ballpark. There is free street parking - at your own risk - off from 66th Street.
  • Radio: KYCY 1550 AM, KFRC 106.9FM
  • Hotels:
    • Hilton Airport (free shuttle to Coliseum)
    • Marriott Downtown Oakland (along BART)
    • Doubletree, Berkeley Marina (very nice setting; shuttle to local areas)
    • Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, a resort nestled in the hills.
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  • Airport: Oakland International Airort (OAK). Practically next door and a very easy airport to deal with. You can take the BART bus right to the ballgame from the airport. San Francisco International (SFO) is another option of course.
  • Activities:
    There is so much to do in the Bay Area, it's hard to know where to start. Closest to the Coliseum is the Oakland Museum (free admission second Sunday of the month), with its specialty of the Bay Area history, arts and culture. Visit Berkeley to wander around campus, check out the funky vendors and shops on Telegraph (including the world famous Moe's Used Books, or Cody's Bookstore), go up to the hills to see the Lawrence Hall of Science (best for younger children), or ride the Carousel or small-scale passenger train. Take a tour of the Scharffenberger Chocolate Company. Drive up to Napa and Sonoma for the wineries (although Livermore, over the hill to the east, also has some reasonable wineries). Bop down to the Ardenwood Farm in Union City, which has interactive educational programs for primary school children. Drive out to Fairfield (heading toward Sacramento) for the Jelly Belly factory tour. Venture westward to Muir Woods to see some of the tallest living trees in the world, and hike among the ferns and pines. In fact the bay area is home to several State Parks with awesome redwood groves.
    And then there's that city across the bay, San Francisco. Cable Cars, Golden Gate Park, China Town, Pier 39. And the SF Giants Ballpark. Jump to our San Francisco Giants page for fun things to do in San Francisco, including, of course, the other ballpark.
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