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Philadelphia Phillies

Citizens Bank Park
Photo © Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau - Anthony Sinagoga.

Road Trip to Citizens Bank Park

As you gaze over the field at Citizens Bank Park, you get good sight lines, and a pleasing view of the Philadelphia skyline in the not too far distance. With wide concourses, a good selection of food, beverages, but not all the vendors appear at all levels and they aren't open for all games, so one may need to take a lengthy trip back downstairs to get the beer of choice, so if you see one you like on the way to upper decks, buy it then. I didn't look for single malt scotch, but the draft microbrew was appreciated on the hot humid day I was there (actually, so was the diet soda). Seats are comfortable, staff was friendly. The park is easy to reach: take the SEPTA Orange line south from downtown for extremely easy access, though there is also ample parking and the ballpark is right off the freeways.