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Tampa Bay Rays

Photo © City of Tampa Bay.

Road Trip to Tropicana Field

The Rays are so far the 2008 story, and now that they seem to have a team, perhaps they can get a real ballpark. Their marketing folks are trying their darndest to get people to the ballpark. It's not just that it's indoors without a retractable roof, as have the Diamondbacks. It's football, no charm. It's a tough sell, even though it does have a/c. And yet, it's still a major league ballpark, and a major league team. You'll find ballpark conveniences, and renovations do occur regularly. An advantage to its sorry state is the ability to move around in the ballpark and get different perspectives throughout the game. It's easy to get heard on the radio broadcasts. Don't sit in the 'beach' because you're trapped in that section. The upper decks don't have cup holders.