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New York Yankees

Photo © 2006 Kjetil Ree.

Road Trip to Yankee Stadium

I was expecting more of a thrill upon entering Yankee Stadium, or even arriving to its perimeter, but it didn't thrill me. Subway tracks obscured one side and I just couldn't get a vantage point to take it in. The bleachers are set behind the statue display (indeed the adoration of fans for the players struck me as almost pagan) so I didn't see an advantage there, other than the fact fans are not allowed alcohol in the bleachers, which made for a laid back, family-friendly environment. Despite that, just knowing how much baseball history has taken place makes this ballpark a one of the great icons of the baseball experience.
2008 is the final season to enjoy Yankee Stadium, so make it while you can, and then come back next year to take in the new ballpark, being built next door.