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Plan a Trip

General Advice

Sometimes it's easy to plan the trip: you will be near a city's team for some reason and want help finding where to stay, which airline flies there, getting a rental car. In those cases the team pages is pretty much all you need. Also, Ballpark Travel provides lots of general information in the FAQs so you can just be a more savvy traveler. This page helps you if you want to plan a multi-city baseball trip, or if you have additional requirements in your traveling, such as diet, that you need to consider. Here's what you do: For those with special needs, click on the relevant link below. We will also shortly have an online planning tool, so stay tuned. In the meantime, figure out the dates you have available for travel, what general region of the country you will be in, and then go to the MLB master schedule and find games in those dates for those teams. Make sure they are available, and be sure to read our FAQs first before you buy tickets or book travel.

  • Choosing your baseball park itinerary - detailed tool in development