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Kansas City Royals

Kauffman Stadium
Photo © Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association.

Road Trip to Kauffman Stadium

  • Activities:
    Does Kansas have some pretty little women? You be the judge. And while you're looking around for one, visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. You might even see a visiting player there as well. Kansas City is the home of a distinctive style of jazz and blues. You can learn more by visiting the American Jazz Museum or even taking in a show after the day game at the Blue Room, one of top jazz venues in the country. Many of the museums in Kansas City are also highy interactive: you can take a locomotive train ride in the Belton, Grandview & Kansas City Railroad Co railroad exhibit.
    National Parks that might be on your path of note are the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, for those desiring a wild river canoe trip or just some hiking and relaxing in a peaceful setting.
  • Closest Major League Baseball Teams: Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Nearby Minor League Ballparks:
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